North Coast, CA - May 2014 - LCPhoto

In May of 2014 my sister and I set out on another tour with my Mom, as tour guide, (she and my Dad used to do regular driving tours all across the Western United States) so it's always great to have here on a road trip. This started by heading up Highway 101 from my base in the South Bay. The first day was mostly driving to the northern most point on our trip, Eureka CA. (though there was some great scenery on the way, redwoods, rocky coasts and such). After spending the night in Eureka and doing a bit of sightseeing there we headed back down 101 to Leggitt CA where we took the Highway 1 fork to the coast. Over the next few days we worked our south along this amazing, rugged, scenic coastline. Eventually we reached Bodega Bay at which point our time was almost up so we headed inland and headed back to San Jose.

Given that I have lived in the Bay Area for a good 30+ years and have never explored much of the region we covered, it was a great trip. I saw quite a few spots I plan on going back to for more in-depth  exploration (and a few I'll probably skip). Stay tuned for the photos from those excursions!