A Killer Hike - LCPhoto

This set starts with a couple shots of the "camp fauna" and then moves on to a killer hike I took later in the day. This hike started at almost sea level and headed into the hills reaching a 1,720 foot elevation in about 2.6 miles (for those keeping track that's a 12.5% average incline). Needless to say it was tough. The flora was a bit boring, with mostly the same scrub vegetation over and over, however the scenic views of the Malibu coast and ocean more than made up for it. The interior Nicholas Flats was also great, if for no other reason than it had such different vegetation than what had preceded it. Not a hike for the faint at heart but worth it for those up to the challenge.

A shot from the nearly sea level Campground of what was the best I could figure was the 1,720 ft. highest elevation of the hike, the middle peak a mere 2.5 mile hike away!

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