Flora & Fauna ID - LCPhoto

This section is dedicated to identifying  the various Flora and Fauna encountered  while  Hiking The Bay Area. It is divided into two sections (even though there are four Categories). The first two galleries are stuff I've managed to identify, one for Flora and one for Fauna. The other two Categories are for Flora and Fauna I have yet to identify or have been unable to identify. I've found that identifying  flora and fauna is not an easy task and I'm not an expert by any means so if you have some expertise in this area you can help me out by perusing these last two categories and contacting me with your ID's. This also applies if you disagree with one of my ID's, let me know your thoughts.The Contact Me page can be found by clicking the link at the bottom of the menu to the left. 

I have been using several sources for my Bird ID's. On my iPad I use an app called Waite's Birds and on my iPhone the iPhone version of that same app called iBird Pro. I have also started using a new website (as of summer 2014) called Birdsnap.com. Essentially you upload a photo of a bird and they use some kind of algorithm to scan the bird and come up with an ID (as well as possible alternates). As of the date above I have only used it a couple times but it actually works fairly well.

For everything else I use the Audubon Societies iPhone and iPad App called Nature California. It's a fairly decent general purpose reference but lacks the depth of a specialized guide. Unfortunately getting specialized guides for every type of flora and fauna is a costly proposition, so for now it'll do.

To see the ID info on the thumbnails in some web browsers you'll need to hover your cursor over the photo (or better yet, double click the photo to see it in all it's expanded glory).