San Francisco Bay Area - LCPhoto

 I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in the summer of 1975 to attend college at San Jose State. I'll admit my first reaction to the area was I didn't like it very much and so I had no real plan to stay there for any longer than necessary to complete my education. After graduating one thing led to another and before I knew it, it was 2015 and I'd been in the Bay Area for 40 years. And you know, a funny thing happened in those 40 years, I had come to really like the Bay Area.

 What I had found out in those 40 years was that the Bay Area has an incredible variety of things to see and do. As an outdoor kind of guy I was drawn to the amazing variety of environments found around the Bay Area. Within a short driving distance of my home base in San Jose I could hike in just about any kind of coastal mountain environment found in California —Redwood Forest, Oak Groves, Chaparral etc. I could bask in the sun on any number of sunny beaches or explore dramatic, rocky coastal vistas. I could hang out on a boat on one of the nearby lakes and so much more. If I felt more citified, San Francisco was also just a short hop away.

 All that said, in the summer of 2015 the "beach boy" in me got the best of me and I migrated to San Diego to get closer to my first love, the beach (it's also a bit warmer in San Diego). So, while there may not be any more updates to the galleries contained here, I hope you enjoy the photos that are here. I know I had a great time taking them! I do have a back-log of photos on my computer from the Bay Area that I may get around to editing some day in the future, so who knows. Plus, I can't rule out an occasional visit to the Bay Area —there are still a few things I wanted to photograph and never got around to!