First Friday Freebee - LCPhoto

First Friday Freebee is on a temporary hiatus.

It's your lucky day! It's Free! It's Free! You've arrived at the spot on my site where, on the 1st Friday of every month, I'll post one of my favorite photos and make it available for you to download for free. The photo I select is usually from the past month of shots I've taken but sometimes I dip into the archive for an oldie but a goody. This free download is for your own personal use and enjoyment so please if you have any other use in mind other than personal use contact me or purchase the photo through this site (see that little "Add to Cart" button at the bottom of each photo?).

There are several sizes of each photo available ranging a nice sized 1920x1200 to a mini 400x250 (see bottom of page for more size info). Sizes are approximate as I choose not to crop my photos to fit, instead I adjust picture size to the largest dimension. To select a size double click the picture you want, click on the resize icon that is below the picture in the bottom right corner next to the "Add To Cart" button (the one made up of three different size rectangles) and select your size from the pop up menu. From there just follow standard web image download procedures (see the bottom of this page if you are unfamiliar with standard web download procedures).

Here's a quick guide to the sizes. First size is in pixels, the second is print size at 150dpi (the same resolution used on this site for purchases)
S = 400x250 or 2.5x1.5
M= 600x375 or 4x2.5
L= 800x500 or 5x3
XL= 1024x640 or 6.5x4
X2= 1280x800 or 8.5x5
X3= 1600x1000 or 10.5x6.5
Original= 1920x1200 or 12.5x8 (perfect for a desktop picture on that 21" widescreen monitor!)

1. Probably the easiest way of downloading is to just click and hold on the photo and then "Drag and Drop" it to your location of choice on your computer. 
2. Alternatively, you can Right-Click on the photo and select the download option from the pop-up menu that appears. (Control-Click on a Mac. Sorry, I'm not sure of the equivalent on a PC).
3. Your photo will magically appear where you dropped it in the "Drag and Drop" method or wherever you've specified for downloads to go if you use the Right Click method. .
4. Enjoy