A Rose By Any Other Name.. - LCPhoto

Macro to eye-popping panoramas, if it blooms I'll snap a shot or two of it.

Attention Flower Buffs!!!!
As a side note I'm trying to learn the names of as many of these flowers as I can. For the flowers that I have found what I think are the correct names I have included that info in a caption attached to the photo. To see the caption you can just hover your cursor over the thumbnail and the caption will appear, however it's very small and often truncated. To get a better view click on the thumbnail to enlarge the photo and hover your cursor over the photos name in the bottom left corner and the caption will appear in a readable size. If you know the name shown here is wrong or know the name of a flower that is nameless PLEASE let me know the name. It's as easy as posting a comment or you can also email me from the Contact Me page.
Thanks for your help.