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Salt Point, CA.

Day 2 Stump Beach-Bluff Trail 267

My Story

I am an enthusiastic amateur photographer. My main focus is nature photography but I'm trying to branch out into other areas. My worst photographic talents are people shots and flash photography, though the latter improved greatly, and immediately, with my recent purchase of a Nikon Speedlight SB-900 flash. The people shots....well that's all on me, but I am working on that. 

I am based in the San Jose CA area and I lived most of my life up and down the coast from San Jose to the Los Angeles area where I was born. I did live in Hawaii for two years but that's kind of like California squared! I selected the name Left Coast Photography not so much because that's where I take most of my pictures, but because no matter where I am taking pictures at I like to think I have a kind of West Coast vibe about it. 
My first real interest in pursuing photography started back in December of 1985 with the purchase of a Nikon N2000 SLR. I was fairly active in my pursuit of the "perfect shot" for the first several years. Admittedly, after about 5 or 6 years I backed off a bit and became more of an avid vacation photo shooter. Unfortunately, those once or twice a year vacations were pretty much the only time I pulled my camera out. 

This was pretty much the case until the summer of 2009 when, after developing some shoulder problems in 2002 and having to give up most of my more physical recreational activities, I found myself looking around for something to occupy my spare time. I decided to get back into a more active pursuit of photography. I had had a digital point and shoot and really liked the idea of digital photography so I made the leap into a DSLR and purchased a Nikon D-90 (see Tech Specs below for more details). 

I am really enjoying my return to photography and seem to have found a new, and stronger desire to actually get as good as I can at doing it. The photo's posted here are not necessarily all great. Some might only be of interest to friends and family. Some might be of interest to only me. But all are meant to represent my "Photographic Journey". I've enjoyed the trip so far and hope to enjoy it for many years to come. I hope you enjoy viewing at least some of the "fruits of my labor"