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Friday Freebee features an older photo from a hike on the Coyote Creek Parkway a couple years ago. Check it out on the Coyote Creek North page. I'm currently working on a new gallery. I still taking pictures and my working drive has close to 2000 pics on it (of which probably only a couple hundred are useful) so I have plenty of material. Just need to get onto the editing train!


My first new gallery in way too many months. Again I apologize for the huge gap (long story). Anyway a new gallery is up that features photos from  annual Christmas visits to San Diego. While these visits are to visit family we spend a lot of our time seeing various sights around the beautiful San Diego area. Go to the "Projects" page or click here.  Of course I also do shoot some Christmas specific shots from those say trips and those are available on the Single Subject page in the Collections section or by clicking Here.


Finally a Friday FreeBee! I am still in a bit of a non-motivated period but I managed to drag myself to my computer long enough to dig into my archives and pull out a photo from my film days that I took in 1997 on a visit to Yellowstone National Park. Check it out on the Friday Freebee page or click here.

And I guarantee I will post at least one new gallery by the next Friday FreeBee date. Really. I mean it. REALLY!


Sorry but no Friday Freebie this month. I am still enmeshed in my home repair woes, though I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel (which is a a lot funnier if I tell you that the problems I'm having are electrical) and I'm just to beat to do any photo stuff (both mentally and physically). Again, sorry about this if this feature is one you look forward to but it is the first time in more than two years that I have missed one so that's still a pretty good average. I can almost guarantee that I'll have one up for next month?!?!?


With  the rainy weather we have been getting the last couple days I had the time to re-edit an older photo I have been meaning to do for this month's Friday Freebie. It's from a 2011 trip to the Grand Canyon, though this shot is from Williams where we caught the train to the Grand Canyon. Check it out here: