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Wow, it's hard to believe another month has gone past but it has so....It's time for another Friday FreeBee! This month I feature a shot from my trip to the North Coast area of California mentioned in the previous post. You can download your FreeBee Here, and then head to the gallery that contains all the shots from the first half of the trip (I'm working on Part Duo maybe even as you are reading this!) just click Here!

Oh yeah, before I forget I also added two more photos to the Part 1 gallery that somehow got missed. Actually it's two versions of one photo because I couldn't decide which I liked best! Check them out full size by clicking on one of the first two photos in the gallery on this page (at least till I post some new photos). If you like one more than the other drop me a line on my Contact Me page (bottom of list in left sidebar)..


I finally finished up the first set of shots from a trip I took back in the Spring of last year along the coast of Northern California from Eureka to Bodega Bay. This is Part 1 (of 2) that covers the trip up to Eureka and then down to a little spot called Gualala. Check it out in the Travel Section of the site or just click this  - Take me from Eureka to Gualala.