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Well, like they say better late than never! So in that spirit I have finally posted the shots I took from my first visit to the Bluesapalooza Blues and Brews Festival way back in August of last year (yes I'm at least that far behind in my editing!). This turned out to be a lot of fun and you would be hard pressed to find a nicer location than eastern Sierra Nevada foothills in Mammoth CA.

Stay tunned as I am gearing up to go into an editing frenzy to get caught up by the end of the year! (in my dreams, right?)


I got out twice this week and did some hiking and following the trend I described in my previous post (below) I shot photos with my iPhone. Both excursions were to Almaden Quicksilver County Park and both included different halves of one of my favorite trails the New Almaden Trial. It was particularly nice as the rains of last weekend meant the normally dry run-off creeks were running fairly nicely. You can check out the new photos on the Trail Updates page and see a couple examples in the photo montage to the left of this text!

Funny thing happened the first day, Monday, I decided to get my DSLR out and do some serious shooting figuring the running water in the steep creek beds along this trail would be great for some of those wispy running water shots. So I grabbed my tripod and my photography utility belt and loaded it into the car. Arriving at the park parking lot I began to attach everything to my body and when I went to grab my camera... yes you astute readers may have noticed what I didn't mention grabbing in the previous sentence, and my camera was nowhere in site (well it was perfectly visible if you looked in the hall closet at my house!). Anyway I got some pretty good shots with my iPhone, though none of the wispy water ones I had hoped  for (no long enough exposure settings for that on the phone). I also discovered the digital zoom is done differently on the new  iPhones (just got an iPhone 6 upgrading from a 4s) and it is really a step backwards.

Anyway I am feeling much better getting some photos up here and can feel the need to get back to regularly doing so getting stronger. Talk to you soon!


A new Friday Freebee shot with my iPhone. Spending some time developing my iPhonography skills (slightly different than DSLR skills). No new galleries yet but I'm getting closer! (see below)


I hated to to delete the Christmas tree but.... Anyway, first a bit of an explanation. I'm just going to say 2014 was a very odd year for me without going into the gory details let's just say I was greatly distracted from photography by a number of things. That said, the good news is that things are getting back to "normal" and I plan on getting back to regularly updating my site (I've got plenty of material waiting to be edited because I still took pictures I just never got around to editing them!).

If you follow the Hiking The Bay Area section of my site or are a new visitor there, there is a slight disclaimer that has been added to the Calero County Park section. In a nutshell the County changed the names of some of the trails and, confusingly in one case, used the old name to rename a different trail. I'll be honest I don't know if I'm going to go back in and rename all the photos. Probably not, because like they say "a rose by any other name....".

Here's to a more productive 2015